Tenant Order Updates (KCIs)

Once an order has been placed and accepted by the gateway, updates on the order as it progresses with the supplier will be delivered to the tenant.

These notifications are sent asynchronously from the supplier to the tenant via the Fibre Gateway as the state of the order changes and at key milestones/events. The Fibre Gateway may send some of the KCIs to ensure consistent behaviour between suppliers and workflows.

Reasons for KCI

  • Informational e.g.
    • Order or request has been updated/changed state
    • Order has been delayed
    • Order or request has been committed
  • Action needed e.g.
    • Reappoint
    • Information required
    • Resubmit (previous request was rejected)
  • Error e.g.
    • Request to supplier failed


KCIs contain a consistent set of metadata:

Field Description Example
id Unique identifier for this KCI (UUID) af14d243-dd62-4e75-8b02-4b5f822e3001
supplier Supplier of this KCI (Fibre Gateway identifier) SUPPLIER1
sequenceNumber Sequence number of KCI for ordering KCIs 1
issuedOn When the supplier issued this KCI
(optional - not set when KCI originated from the Fibre Gateway)
receivedOn When the Fibre Gateway received the KCI from the supplier
(optional - not set when KCI originated from the Fibre Gateway)
deliveredOn When the Fibre Gateway delivered the KCI 2022-01-10T09:19:00.000Z
updateType Type of KCI (see Types of KCIs) INFORMATIONAL


The KCI will always include the related entity for the update - this could be a provide, cease or modify service order.

The entityType field will specify which entity type is provided in the KCI.

When reporting the result of an amendment or cancellation request to an existing order then the order entity will include the appropriate request.

KCI Ordering

The Fibre Gateway seeks to address out-of-sequence KCIs as much as possible by buffering KCIs. Suppliers are encouraged to set appropriate issuedOn and sequenceNumber values to help ensure correct ordering - the Fibre Gateway will order based on these when sending KCIs to tenants.