Address Support

Addresses must be provided based on identifier and type. Currently the Fibre Gateway supports the following address identifiers:

  • UPRN - Unique Property Reference Number
  • NAD - Openreach National Address Database key - used by BT Wholesale.

When returning results, suppliers should provide the details they hold for this location to allow tenants to reconcile with their records.


"address": {
  "identifier": {
    "id": "200004033694",
    "type": "UPRN"
  "name": "TWENTY",
  "streetNumber": "20",
  "streetName": "Kingston Road",
  "locality": "",
  "city": "Staines-Upon-Thames",
  "postcode": "TW184LG",
  "country": "UK",
  "subAddress": {
    "name": "Strategic Imperatives",
    "unitNumber": "Floor 3"