Order KCIs

Once an order has been placed with a supplier, future updates on the order will come via KCI (Keep Customer Informed) updates. KCIs will have a reason e.g. order has been updated, milestone was reached, etc) and in some cases will represent a problem or delay.

Problem Codes

Where there is a problem or delay to an order, the problem will be stated in the KCI from a standardised set of problem codes. Depending on the situation and accompanying KCI, the code will be:

  • For information only
  • Reason for the order being cancelled
  • Reason for the order being delayed
  • Reason why a reappoint is required for the order
Problem Code Example Text Cancel Delay Inform Reappoint
ACCESS_ISSUE Could not access property
ACTIVATION_FAILED Failed to activate the service
APPOINTMENT_NOT_REQUIRED Appointment booked but not needed
CAPACITY_ISSUE No fibre route or insufficient capacity
CUSTOMER_CHANGED_MIND Sales query or customer cancelled
FAULT_AT_NODE Fault between Toby and Node
FAULT_AT_ONT Fault between Toby and ONT
FAULT_AT_POP Fault between Node and POP
INFORMATION_REQUIRED Awaiting information from tenant/customer
INSTALL_FAILED Failed to install service
NETWORK_ISSUE Resolving network issue
NO_LONGER_REQUIRED Service no longer required
OTHER Other codes do not apply - text and/or supplier code must be provided
PROPERTY_UNOCCUPIED Could not access property - unoccupied
ROUTER_NOT_AVAILABLE Router had not arrived so could not be installed
SITE_UNSAFE Site unsafe
SUPPLIER_FAULT Unforeseen circumstances or supplier issue
SURVEY_REQUIRED Survey required or underway
TIMED_OUT Order timed out
UNABLE_TO_ATTEND Supplier was unable to attend
UNKNOWN_FAULT Unknown fault being investigated
WAYLEAVE_ISSUE Unexpected wayleave issue

Where appropriate the KCI will also include a textual message to provide additional context.

The supplier may also return their own reason or problem code - this may be required for support or contractual reasons.