Action Required KCI

These KCIs inform the tenant that an action is required and the order will most likely be in a blocked state (order status change to PENDING).

Type Description
INFORMATION_REQUIRED Supplier requires information from the tenant
REAPPOINT Tenant needs to arrange and reserve a new appointment
RESUBMIT Tenant's previous request failed and must be corrected/resubmitted

Information Required

The supplier needs additional information from the tenant/end user. The text field in the KCI will describe the required information which the tenant should send via an order amendment request. Once the information is received and processed by the supplier, the order should be unblocked and the status will change (usually to the previous state) - this will be confirmed in a new KCI.



The tenant/end user will need to rearrange the appointment. Tenant must reserve a new appointment and pass an amend order request with the new reservation id. The KCI will include a standard Fibre Gateway code representing the problem/reason along with optional supplier code.

Refer to Order KCIs for more information on problem codes.


The tenant has sent an order or requested an amendment/cancellation to an inflight order but it was rejected by the supplier. The tenant should check for any reason in the text field and correct/resubmit as required.