Custom Connectors

To onboard suppliers (AltNets or Connectivity Providers) onto the Fibre Gateway that already have an API, there are 2 options:

  • The supplier extends their API to implement the Fibre Gateway Supplier API.
  • A custom connector is created on the Fibre Gateway to map the request/responses into the appropriate format and call the supplier's existing API directly.

Custom connectors on the Fibre Gateway are template based and hence the supplier's API must align with the Fibre Gateway Supplier API or general TM Forum API concepts. Where necessary, the Fibre Gateway can map a single API into multiple calls; for example, look up service availability and address details separately.

  • Service Availability (TMF645 Service Qualification / TMF673 Address Management)
  • Appointments (TMF646 Appointment API)
    • Find available timeslots
    • Reserve appointment
  • Service Order Management (TMF641 Service Ordering Management)
    • Create order
    • Amend order
    • Cancel order

Contact the Fibre Cafe team to find out more about custom connectors.


In order to send KCIs, the supplier must call the Fibre Gateway Supplier Updates API irrespective of the option chosen above.